Welcome to The Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate Club

The Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate Club has been training students for over four decades. The instructors at Bondi Junction have had combined over 100 years experience in the practise and teaching of Karate. The Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate Club has classes seven days a week (except for holidays and special events).

The Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate Club is also the Australian and South Pacific Headquarters of the International Karate Organization under the leadership of President Yoshikazu Matsushima (IKO-Matsushima).

The benefits of Kyokushin Karate include, but not exclusively:
  • Rewards system of promotion improves self-esteem.
  • Class structure improves self-discipline.
  • Activities channel aggression
  •  Confidence building classes enhance assertiveness.
  •  Teaches lifetime self-defence skills.
  • Training is a great fitness regime.
  • Classes relieve stress.
  • Classroom practise session give you confidence.
  • Training regime is lots of fun.
  • Training gives you the ability to operate under pressure.

The Bondi Junction is located on level 1, corner of Ann and Gray Street, Bondi Junction. It is around the corner from the Bronte Road entrance of Westfield Shopping Centre, Bondi Junction. It is a short walk from the Bondi Junction railway station and bus terminal. There is also a bus stop at the end of Gray Street.