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    Welcome To Bondi Junction!

    Bondi Junction is a modern Japanese martial arts school of karate-Do, based in Melbourne.

    Bondi Junction teaches the authentic Shitoryu style of karate, as originally founded by Master Kenwa Mabuni and later endorsed by the World Karate Federation (WKF), with high-quality instruction and affiliation to mainstream peak bodies. We offer adult classes for Beginners and Intermediate combined, and separate Advanced classes. Each student is given the opportunity to train with others at their level. Karate can be practiced either as a discipline for personal development, a sport for fitness, or a skill for self-defense.

    Adults often neglect the importance of exercise to both physical and mental health. Karate is a progressive form of physical training and functional movement, helping you reach an optimum level of physical fitness at any age.

    The Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate”

    Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate” Children’s Program does teach children and adults,  how to defend themselves…but not in the hard-core, violent way you might imagine. We teach our students to be safe by using a common-sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defense techniques and self-defense strategy.

    We also teach body language concepts to our students. Things related to body posture, eye contact, and voice. Things that are designed to give your child a confident appearance…an appearance that communicates, “I am a good person.” and, importantly, “I am not a person you can shove around.”

    Our third component is actually the most popular…and the most powerful.We call it the “Lifestyle” component. That is the way that we teach the attitude skills of Kyokushin Karate: self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance, courage, and the ability to set and reach powerful goals. As our instructors help you learn these skills, you will find yourself, improving your ability to get along with other people while staying focused, motivated and able to move outside your “comfort zone,” into the “achievement zone.” Reducing your current level of stress

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    Thomas Prodeau

    Best Karate Classes

    I only started nearly 1 year ago, and I can say they are spectacular. Excellent instructors, supportive environment, friendly people.
    I recommend AAMA to anyone wanting to learn child or adult.

    Antoine Corbiau

    Best Karate Classes

    Great facilities and family-friendly. I have three sons and all have trained here for many years. Excellent coaches and the club is affiliated with the Queensland and Australian Karate federations.

    Lisa Hodder

    Best Karate Classes

    Had my daughters 6th birthday here, absolutely amazing! My daughter loved ever moment of it and all the parents all agreed, was absolutely something different. Would absolutely recommend

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of training in karate?

    Karate is more than a self defence fighting system. It is a way of life. We are learning a martial art, to build strength in both mind and body, and yet we wish to never have to use the physical component of the art to defend ourselves. Consistent training in karate can develop strength of mind, body, spirit. By developing fighting skills you build confidence, inner security, awareness, respect for self and others. Karate training builds character, it teaches us life skills to help us to overcome challenges, solve problems, embrace opportunities, strive for excellence.

    Do I need to be fit to start?

    Absolutely not. Karate is a personal endeavour and every student is encouraged to participate at their own pace, with no expectation of fitness or ability.

    Am I too old to start?

    If you can walk onto the mats you can train in Martial Arts! We have had people start training well into their 50’s and even 60+!

    Can my whole family have a class at the same time?

    Yes, we have a number of different options to get the whole family (Mum, Dad and kids of all ages) involved, without multiple trips. We have the option of a family class in which parents train in the same class as their kids and complete part of the class by themselves and the other part all together!

    What are your class sizes?

    Class sizes vary throughout each program and peak time. We abide by recommended instructor ratios which are as follows: Little Ninjas are an average 12:1 and teens and adults are 20 per class (usually with 2 instructors per class).

    How long will it take to reach Black Belt level?

    It takes approx. 4-5 years to get black belt, depending on how many times you train a week and how committed you are to your improvement.

    Do I have to start as a white belt if I have been training in another Goju Style?

    What we’re doing is recognising the experience level that people who have already trained in a Goju based karate system and letting them train in their current grade belt until they are ready to be assessed and formally graded to the appropriate grade level in Goshukan Karate. There are many clubs within the same/similar styles or systems today, and just like when you are studying any tertiary education and gain credit points when moving from one course to another, the same can be said for transferring your karate journey from one Kai (school) to another. Speak to us about your situation. Every person is assessed on their own merits and training history.

    What is the Australian Karate Federation?

    The Australian Karate Federation (AKF) is the national governing body of karate in Australia recognised and endorsed by the Federal Government, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Sports Commission. The AKF is a member of the World Karate Federation (WKF). The WKF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as representing the sport of Karate. Goshukan Karate Academy is a Member of the Australian Karate Federation (AKF).

    What is the Japan Karate Federation?

    The Japan Karate-do Federation was established in 1964 to organize and oversee all styles of traditional Japanese Karate. This organisation is part of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科学省 Monbu-kagaku-shō). It is led by a member of Cabinet who is selected by Japan’s Prime Minister.The vast majority of traditional Goju Ryu organisations are members of the JKF Goju Kai. This organisation seeks to preserve and perpetuate the style of karate that was developed in Okinawa, Japan by Mr. Chojun Miyagi. Goshukan Karate Academy is a member Seiwakai Goju Ryu and therefore a member of the Japan Karate Federation.

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