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Class Description

The “All Students” class is our general class and it is open to everyone at all levels, except beginners. This class covers all aspects of general karate practice and is designed to give a complete panorama of the Kyokushin Karate" system for the novice student through to advanced, incorporating modern methodology, fighting strategy and body conditioning. Each student is allowed to progress at their own rate, and, with the guidance of the instructors, shown how to set personal goals and see them to fruition. We begin and end each and every class with a brief meditation period to clear the mind and focus on the techniques at hand and whilst we do this in kneeling position it has no religious connections.

After a complete stretch and warm up, we move right into basic training, usually beginning with punches, strikes and blocks, then onto legwork and kicking skills. After which the techniques are then practised on the move in both basic stances and in fighting styles.

We then pair off into partners in order to employ these movements in a natural setting with a variety of opponents utilizing focus mitts and pads and pre-set block and attack principles to develop strength, speed and reaction timing for unforeseen situations. We finish with a cool down employing stretching and callisthenics and finally a calming meditation period to close the class.

The beginner’s class is designed for people who have very little or no martial arts training and takes them through all of the basic techniques used in karate. It is also designed to increase fitness, body condition and flexibility. The beginner’s class slowly runs the student through all the techniques to increase the skill level of the student and to give them a complete understanding of each technique. Once the student has a sufficient skill to join the general class then the instructor will advise them to do so. Depending on the student, this usually takes between 8-10 weeks.

The Fighting class is a technical fighting skills training session open to all adult students. This class is open to all ranks, however students are presumed to be familiar with basic karate terminology and remedial executions of technique so as follow the brisk pace of the class with little distraction. The class was designed to give everyone an opportunity to train like a champion. The class structure varies with the instructor's personal method and the student body in attendance, though it will always involve a good warm up and stretch and then moves directly into intensive combinations training to develop speed, stability and execution. Partner exercise is an essential element here as we simulate block and attack strategy, practice bag training and sparring with opponents of all ages and sizes. Conditioning and meditation round out the program for a vigorous and stress relieving workout.

We encourage all new students to avail themselves of the “two free lessons” offer as we are confident that once you have completed the two lessons you will know and understand what the many benefits of Kyokushin Karate are and without doubt will want to join are great club.

Adults program

The "John Taylor’s Kyokushin Karate" Adult Program provides a great opportunity for adults to be more physically fit; to develop both self-defence awareness and self-defence skill; to maintain a healthy, positive outlook...and to have a great time with other people who also enjoy these pursuits!

The first of our three components is Self-Defence. We teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques and self-defence strategy.

Our second component is physical fitness. At the adult level, we work on muscle strength and toning; regaining flexibility and coordination; and developing stamina. These important fitness qualities will help you avoid illness; give you more energy as you go through your day; and more reserve at the end of the day, to do the things you enjoy doing!

Our third component is actually the most popular...and the most powerful. We call it the "Lifestyle" component. That is the way that we teach the attitude skills of Kyokushin Karate: self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance, courage, and the ability to set and reach powerful goals. As our instructors help you learn these skills, you will find yourself, improving your ability to get along with other people while staying focused, motivated and able to move outside your "comfort zone," into the "achievement zone." Reducing your current level of stress.

And, what makes it work, what holds all three parts together, the instructors are very well trained and our school is a friendship-based system. You are sure to enjoy the classes "Hanshi Taylor’s Kyokushin Karate!"

Kids program

Dear Parents,

Where your children are concerned – this may be the most important letter you’ve read in a long time.

Let me ask you -- have you ever found yourself:

1. Concerned about your child’s level of self-control?
2. Wishing your child had greater ability to listen…to focus?
3. Wondering, painfully, if your son or daughter has the self-esteem it takes to be successful? Of course, you are not alone. - But what if I were to tell you that, your children can develop the skills that it takes to be Healthy, Happy, and Confident

No fancy theories, or big words, either...just good old-fashioned common sense.

The Children’s Program:

The Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate" Children’s Program does teach children how to defend themselves...but not in the hard-core, violent way you might imagine. We teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques and self-defence strategy.

We also teach body language concepts to our students. Things related to body posture, eye contact, and voice. Things that are designed to give your child a confident appearance...an appearance that communicates, "I am a good person." and, importantly, "I am not a person you can shove around."

Our second area of emphasis is physical fitness. We develop fundamental athletic skills. Important skills like coordination, flexibility, and body balance. Skills that are required for baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf...but usually aren’t taught very well. They are simply expected. If you have them, you do well. But if you don’t, you're left behind. But the fact is, those skills are teachable and when we develop them in our classroom, it just sends the kids back to the ball fields or to the gym class -- not only more capable, but also more confident in that environment.

The 3rd component, however, is our big area. It represents our uniqueness... and also what parents like best about our program. That is the way that we teach the attitude skills of the Martial Arts. The self-control, self-confidence, the positive thinking. The listening skills, the respect, and the good manners. The ability to focus attention, blocking out distractions. The perseverance and the courage and, what is really powerful about our program is that it does not just teach our students about these skills. They actually experience these important skills in our class and they are taught how to apply these skills when they are away from karate club. So, academically, socially, and within the home, our students are empowered to perform at higher levels. What makes it work, what holds all three parts together, is just that it’s so much fun. The instructors are really great people.

  1. Our system is friendship based.
  2. Your child will love the Martial Arts a “Hanshi Taylor’s Kyokushin Karate" dojo (school)
  3. As a Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate" parent, when you enter John Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate" dojo, you will immediately catch the spirit of the positive atmosphere and the determination of the all the instructors and the other students to assist everyone in their achievement of individual excellence!
  4. The Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate" instructors always share a positive attitude and assist students in achieving their goals. The instructors have shared many stories about our students’ progress through “Kyokushin Karate". Some of our proudest include:
  • Watching a shy child become a happy, out-going student.
  • Hearing about the positive, behaviour changes at home of a child who came to Kyokushin training with respect issues.
  • A young girl who was always a good student, but lacked the skills necessary to be socially accepted because she didn’t fit in with the traditional competitive-based programs.
  • A young boy who for the first time was able to non-violently stop a school yard bully from bothering him.
  • A ten-year-old whose self confidence has improved through the positive, self-paced program Kyokushin offers.
  • A teen student who has achieved a solid physical and mental foundation, empowering him resist negative influences and to continue on the road to success in his life.
  • Seeing unfit and out of conditioned adults turn into well conditioned athletes.
  • Seeing insecure students turn into confident members of the public.

Young students (Ages 5-15 years old) receive physical training and self-defence instruction appropriate for their level in special children’s’ class.

Respect, Self-Control and Concentration have meaning. The children are very attentive to their instructor and learn (at this very influential stage of their lives) good citizenship, all while having fun and earning awards. As a part of their training.

“Confidence + Poise + Discipline = Personal Best”

The “Kyokushin Karate" Kids Program is designed to give young people the opportunity to study the mysterious and exciting form of Japanese karate, in an environment where they can fully understand all the practical applications these techniques were developed for, and are taught the reason real karate masters avoid confrontation. With the care and guidance of our fully certified instructors, the kids learn the basics of Japanese karate practice, terminology and culture in a structured, team-spirited environment. We incorporate the time-honoured traditions with fundamental athletic conditioning and healthy competitive sport, indoctrinating them slowly and sensibly into the martial way and showing them to honour and respect themselves, their family and friends so they may gain the confidence to excel in all areas of their daily life.

Only YOU can choose to align your child with foundation-building experiences. “Kyokushin Karate" can help you build the skills necessary for success! Chart a course with Kyokushin Karate that will lead YOU and your family to achieving success!

1. Improve your child’s focus and concentration.
2. Improve your child’s level of fitness and health.
3. Develop an unstoppable desire to excel.
4. Increase self-confidence and self-discipline

Parent’s testimonials

My son Robert has been attending John Taylor’s Kyokushin Karate school in Bondi Junction for the past 5 months and I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have made. Apart from being one of the world’s leading Karate Masters, Hanshi Taylor is an amazing teacher. He has the ability to impart knowledge whilst maintaining discipline and making the process fun for all the children involved. Without exception the children look forward to their classes with John where they develop their skills in the areas of self defence with self control and confidence.
Whilst Robert has been attending Hanshi’s class he has attained his Red belt and looks forward to every milestone. He has competed in his first tournament with great excitement and success. I have seen many of Hanshi’s student gain self confidence and improve their co-ordination skills whilst maintaining the ‘no contact’ rule as second nature in their training and competition routines.
I would highly recommend for any parent to take their son or daughter to try a couple of classes with Hanshi Taylor at the Kyokushin Karate school.
Faye Duncan

Warm, friendly and entertaining environment, makes learning fun and enjoyable for kids of all ages.
Flora Botsika, Randwick


Participating in one’s first karate tournament is an exciting time for all. It gives students the opportunity to hone his/her fighting skills, compete against others, and foster good sportsmanship. However, it can also be confusing and overwhelming for a beginner competitor. I would suggest do not expect to bring home a gold medal or that you do not pressure your child to bring home a gold medal. Every one should feel comfortable with the idea of competing in tournament. It is a great learning experience which teaches dedication and perseverance. It also teaches something that can not be taught in training, how to fight under pressure. If some one needs to defend themselves in a street situation the ability to operate under pressure is paramount. You or your child should feel proud of his/her achievements thus far and remember that competing in tournaments is supposed to be fun. There is nothing more wonderful to see than the camaraderie of our students-cheering each other on, patting each other on the back, and even consoling team mates who have not placed in an event.

Tournament training is a requirement of our students. In sport karate tournament competition. Through their participation in regular karate classes and competition team training session’s students will develop their sports karate fighting strategies, perfection in forms, rules and knowledge of competition, and sportsmanship skills.
After the competition, it is important to praise your child regardless of the outcome. As far as we are concerned, all of our students are winners for taking part in competitions. Most Kyokushin tournaments will give out certificates or small medals to all participants, some will not, in which case you might consider purchasing a small token gift for your child (younger students) as a way of rewarding his/her efforts. The most important thing to remember is for your child to have FUN!!!!
Twice year we hold a weekend training camp for students who are 10 years and over. The camps are a great way to not only have a fun weekend but a condensed training weekend that produces great benefits for the student. The camp starts on Friday evening with every one arriving and getting settled in, student come all over Australia to attend the camp so it is a great way to meet Kyokushin students from other parts of Australia. On Saturday evening there is fun night with every on encouraged to show their talents.


We strongly encourage all karate students to participate in tournaments There is no doubt that tournament improve student’s karate ability. Why? Here are a few of the benefits:

1. Tournaments teach the students how to react to pressure, a great attribute in today’s society.
2. Tournaments give the students the confidence to handle difficult situations
3. Tournaments take the student out of their comfort zone, a whole new experience and valuable experience for many people.
4. Tournaments teach the karate students how to handle confrontational situations, another must in today’s society

Have you ever thought about going into a karate tournament? Have you ever wondered if a technique would work on someone who wasn’t expecting it? Are you tired of sparring the same people time after time until you know when they are going to do before they do? Do you enjoy meeting new people and watching how others fight? Do you enjoy watching some of the best fighters in the country fight and perform and then get your own chance to compete against them? Would you like the chance to exercise your own powers of creativity and show yourself what you can do? Then tournaments are for you. Be careful though, it’s a little known fact that they are addictive.

For those people who are just starting their tournament experience congratulations, you are going to have a lot of fun and more importantly; you are going to learn quite a lot not only about your karate skills but yourself as well. Even if you do not win, you get much more. You get an opportunity to pit your skill and talents against your contemporaries. Tournament experience also lets you know what techniques are working for you and which ones you need to work on.

Each year in New South Wales we hold the New South Wales Individual Championships, the New South Wales team Championships and the Australian championships. Both are equally valuable to you in your pursuit of karate excellence. Tournaments are in categories so that each person has not only a chance to win, but gain valuable experience along the way. As well a the Non contact tournament we Australian Kyokushin Karate Association hold Full-Contact tournaments for adults. While the full contact tournament may seem daunting, the grade and weight divisions ensure that no one is outclassed and each and every competitor has an opportunity to test their skills and even win. Some fighters enjoy both the Non-Contact and the Full-Contact events and subsequently enter both, however for the most part fighters choose between one of the two events.

How many times have you been locked out of your home or car and you really needed to get in, how many times do you try the door handle. When people are trapped in a crowded theatre and they will try to open the door, over and over and over again. Knowing its locked has nothing to do with it, when your mind starts going into condition red, you lose all rational thought. How do you prepare or prevent yourself from going into condition red and blacking out? Experience and training. The more you can replicate the circumstances of a stressful situation, the more you can learn what to expect. This requires training partners, training environments and a lot of repetition, and tournament style experience.

Last but not least, tournament participation teaches good sportsmanship while helping the karate student to become a better martial artist.

Regards and good luck,
Hanshi John Taylor


Twice yearly in New South Wales the NSW Kyokushin Karate Association runs a weekend training camp. The camp is designed to give the students a deeper and better understanding of karate to teach an independent attitude and to give a further bonding between students. It also a great opportunity to meet karate students from all around Australia as they come from many parts of Australia to attend this camp, as the benefits and training given at this new South Wales camp are well known throughout Australia. It follows then that we encourage all of out students to attend the camps. If fact when the student start to reach a higher grade in a karate attending the camp for students over the age of 10 is compulsory as the camps are designed to accelerate the students learning to enable them to succeeded to the higher standard needed for a high Kyokushin Karate grade.

This is a great opportunity to obtain highly concentrated training and should not be missed.
Whilst this camp is designed to accelerate the Kyokushin Students progress in karate skills, a relaxed atmosphere allows for fun times as well as an entertainment night on Saturday evening. This is a great opportunity to obtain highly concentrated training and should not be missed.


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